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  • All exits need a plan...
  • Vision:
    the art of seeing the invisible
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon,
    not just on the bottom line

Your Travel Business Matters

Summit Advisory is the Business Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions arm of the UK’s leading, independent firm of Travel Accountants: Elman Wall. Founding directors, Jonathan Wall and Deborah Potts, combine years of Travel Industry accounting expertise with ‘hands on’ travel entrepreneurship.

As Travel Industry experts, we understand not just your numbers, but also your business.Our in-depth industry knowledge and contacts are second to none.

Our passion is helping you achieve your business ambitions.

What Clients Say

  • Great to have Deborah & Jonathan on my team to help me manoeuvre the MBO minefield

  • When you’re talking about your child, your creation, you want advisors who understand your mindset & your accounts

  • We have found Summit Advisory’s service exemplary from initial contact to the sale completion

  • When it comes to acquisitions, Deborah & Jonathan’s experience is invaluable. I couldn’t believe how many contacts they have


What's stopping you?
Looking to improve your performance and profits? We are familiar with the challenges travel businesses face. We provide invaluable information, solutions and support tailored to your needs.
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Seeking to expand through acquisition?
Researching and successfully securing the right business requires contacts, discretion, expertise, time and resources you may not possess in-house. Outsourcing to objective industry experts makes sense.
We can help.


Time to sell?
To achieve a premium price, you need advisors who truly understand your business strengths. We go beyond your numbers and identify the best potential buyers from our superb network of contacts.
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